How to prepare for IIT JAM?| Courses can be joined by IIT-JAM

IIT JAM which is first started by IIT Rurkey in the year 2004 had a great demand for the science oriented students. This JAM is a good opportunity for the students who wish to do research programs in pure science and applied science. IIT JAM exam will be in the objective and descriptive model. There are total 8 papers in this exam and among them bio technology and masters of computer application are in the objective type and where as other exams are of both objective and descriptive type. There is a weight age of 30% for the objective type and 70% for the descriptive. The students had to keep in mind that the descriptive questions which are in the booklet only are to be answered and have to improve their presentation skills.

How to prepare for IIT JAM?
The preparation method must be perfect and clear for the students who prepare for the JAM. The preparation must start from +2 syllabus and end with degree syllabus. The process of by hearting the subject is not good but read according to the concept based procedure. The students who want to have a grip on the bio technology are supposed to go through mathematics, physics, zoology and chemistry. M Bipc students are a bit forward in this issue. The other groups students like micro biology, molecular biology, botany, zoology, and BZC have to by heart the subjects.

By JAM exam one can join in other courses also. The details are as follows:

+With the bio tech paper the students can have Msc bio technology as their academic program.
+The computers applications paper students can opt for MCA program.
+The geo physics students can opt for the courses like MSc applied geo physics, PhD dual degree in geo physics, M.Tech in geo physical technology.
+The chemistry students can opt for PhD dual degree in chemistry and energy and MSc chemistry courses.
+The geology students can choose the courses like PhD dual degree in geological sciences, Msc applied geology and M.Tech geological technology.
+Mathematics paper students can opt for the courses like maths, PhD dual degree in maths and energy, mathematics and computing, MSc applied maths, industrial mathematics and informatics.
+The physics students can take PhD dual degree in physics and energy and MSc physics.
+Mathematical statistics students can take applied statistics and informatics statistics.

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