IIT-JEE preparation tips for Chemistry subject | Reference books for IIT-JEE chemistry

IIT-JEE preparation tips for Chemistry subject | Reference books for IIT-JEE chemistry

Chemistry is an amazing subject if it is studied with interest and concentration. The concepts in the subject are seen in real life and it is very easy if we understand the subject to get grip on the subject. Students should follow the following tips:

  • The main point to be noted while preparing is that they should prepare in such an angle that they get good marks in less time. They should get grip on the main concept so that they can spare less time to chemistry and use the remaining time to other subjects in the exam.
  • Questions in JEE are tough and they are asked from particular syllabus only.
  • To get the grip on concept, they should practice more and they should memorize the formulae and equations. They should study NCERT textbooks to get rank in the exam.
  • They should spare more time to solve the mathematical questions as there is less importance given to them in the recent days.
  • Students should make chemistry in to three parts like physical, organic and inorganic chemistry and study.
  • They should be thorough with the derivations in the physical chemistry and they will build the knowledge for the concept.
  • If they do the preparation with grip on concept, they can easily get good results in this category and they should prepare with interest.
  • Another technique while preparing is to form the flow charts.
  • Students feel bore with organic chemistry and so they should develop interest by practicing lot.
  • There will be many concepts in inorganic chemistry and they should study the block elements carefully.
  • They should prepare the charts with different colors and they should paste in their room so that they can view them and read.
  • January is the right time to revise the topics from the first year in the IIT-JEE examination.
  • Students should club the syllabus for intermediate and IIT-JEE and study so that they can get the grip on topics which make it easy for the entrance exam.
  • They should spare more time till the end of January for IIT preparation.
  • Students should study for inter exams in February and they should spare 30 minutes daily for IIT-JEE preparation.
  • They should prepare for three hours daily.
  • Long term students should concentrate on the revision in January and they should write more grand tests.

Reference books for chemistry:

  • 3000 problems in chemistry – Schaum’s solved problems
  • NCERT books
  • Organic chemistry – Ved junior
  • Inorganic chemistry – J.D Lee
  • Essentials of physical chemistry- Octine
  • Chemistry spectrum

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