MBA without graduation

Many educational institutions allow post graduation course only after graduation is completed. There are integrated courses after intermediate. If the age and other eligibilities match with that of requirements, join in those colleges. But all those will be regular courses only. MBA can also be done through distance or part time mode. In our country many institutions are offering distance integrated MBA courses.

If it is not possible in that way, alternatively BBA can be done. These are advanced courses with regard to the syllabus. Some International educational institutions are conducting online MBA courses also. But it will be of help in your career if you go for MBA. In our state and Tamilnadu many institutions are offering MBA in distance mode. If you select that institution of good standard it will be of good help to some extent.

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  • Mr Siraj Bin Riyaz says:

    I dnt want to waste the time but i wuld just like to tell intermediate students that please select any course in which you are intrested,not by the force of parents etc.
    Today there are thousands of colleges offering you,dont think they are helping you,today education has other phase called BISNAS.!

  • NITIN says:

    wuld lke to do my MBA Course in shipping, would request you to kindly respond if possible.

  • Satya says:

    Dear All.

    I am having on ATKT in my third year but i want to persue MBA.Is it possible to join MBA part time even if there is on ATKT in my third year.If yes please provide me the name of the instituations.

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