How to prepare for All India Medical entrance exams?

How to prepare for All India Medical entrance exams? |Tips to prepare for All India Medical Entrance exams

  • Students who are mainly preparing for EAMCET and other national level exams should concentrate on the subjects. Grip on the subject and understanding the subject will be helpful for the student to get the seat in medical colleges.
  • When the students are having interest to crack the EAMCET exam, they should concentrate on it and forget the national level exam. It is not correct to believe that people who attend national level exam can easily attempt EAMCET exam. Students can try for EAMCET while attending national level exams.
  • Students who are studying intermediate first year or second year should study CBSE syllabus to attempt the national level exams. In the same way, students who study CBSE should read intermediate syllabus also.
  • There is 95% and 90% same syllabus in chemistry and physics respectively. It is enough to study the topics which are not common and in the case of biology, only 60% of the syllabus is common. Remaining 40% need to be covered by the people.
  • Problems are given more importance in the intermediate level exams and all problems are given in EAMCET except 3 to 4 questions. in the case of national level exams, students need to give equal importance to the theory and problems.
  • In the intermediate colleges, coaching will be given to focus on EAMCET or final exams. Only few questions will be solved by the people and so students need to practice all the questions without leaving any question to improve their knowledge and understand the syllabus.
  • Students should not practice in question- answer type. It won’t help in the competitive exams and so they should study the syllabus. They should be able to answer any bit from the syllabus which is asked in the competitive exams.
  • Students need to spare 10% of extra time to study for the competitive exams. Students can allot the time for studying both intermediate and EAMCET at a time. Students can easily get 95% in the intermediate by studying the optional subjects for 3 hours daily. If they can study 1 ½ hour more, they can easily get 100% marks and get good rank in EAMCET.
  • Books which are required to study should be selected and students need to study that particular books only. They should not study all the books and material. They will be confused with the concept in various books.
  • Students need to work hard to get 160 marks out of 160 marks and they can do little hardwork to get between 135 to 150 marks.
  • Students can easily get the seat in medicine if they study intermediate in the concept oriented process.
  • Students in 1994 could not get a seat in EAMCET even if they get 510th rank but now students can get open seat at 2000th rank also. Hence 400% of the seats were increased and students attending the test was increased by 20% only. The true fact is that knowledge of the student is same from that age to today. Knowledge of the students did not increase. So it is very easy to get the seat in medicine.
  • Students who are having basic knowledge on the syllabus and prepare will get the seats in 4 to 5 colleges.
  • Students should remember that they should study in concept oriented basis other than bit by bit process.

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