Teachers Eligibility Test preparation-TET for Teaching Career

TET for Teaching career


Teacher has a great responsibility towards the society. The teaching career is very popular with the people now as there is more and more number of job opportunities coming up for teachers. Respect in society, attractive salaries and guaranteed jobs are all increasing interest about teaching career in youth.

All the candidates who want to become teachers will have to qualify in Teacher Eligibility Test or TET. The qualifying marks scored in TET are given twenty percent weightage in government teacher posts recruitment. Therefore all the candidates who want to begin their teaching career are aiming at qualifying in TET.

Teacher Eligibility Test: Candidates who want to become primary school teacher shall appear for Paper – 1 of TET and to become high school students, they appear for paper – 2. Each paper will have 150 questions for 150 marks. Though papers are different, there are many common topics in both the papers.

TET weightage: The marks scored by the candidate in DSC will be given eight percent weightage and TET marks will be given twenty percent weightage.

TET preparation:

Though it is easier to get qualified in TET, the candidates should try to score more marks keeping in view the weightage that is given to the marks in TET. Preparation tips for each subject for Teachers Eligibility is given below.

  • Psychology: Child development and Pedagogy should be studied well while writing Psychology paper – 1. Paper – 2 candidates shall try to learn the behavior pattern of teenage children.
  • Pedagogy: Pedagogy is the most feared subject by candidates who appear for TET. There is very little availability of material and reference books. Main topics in Pedagogy while appearing for TET are the teaching methods, guidance, counseling etc and the syllabus should be followed while preparing for this.
  • Language – 1 Telugu: To get grip over this subject the candidates have to study the school level books of Telugu subjects along with the teaching methods of Telugu.
  • Content: The practice bits given at the end of each lesson in class books up to fifth class should be studies for appearing to Paper – 1. For Paper – 2 content preparation, TET syllabus of 6, 7 and 8 classes should be studied. It shall be kept in mind that most of the questions in TET are coming from the bits that are given at the end of each lesson.
  • Social Studies: Social studies paper will be for sixty years and for scoring more marks in these, the candidates who are appearing for TET should read the books of sixth to tenth classes. While studying about a region or area in geography, they should clearly read about the location of the region, climatic and geological conditions, rivers etc.
  • Science: In the preparation of science subject for Teachers Eligibility test, the candidates have to read the books from third class to eighth class. Studying the books of tenth class will be advantageous for those appearing for Paper – 2. The preparation should be analytical. For this the candidate shall try to get grip over basics in the subject. Those appearing for Paper – 2 of the science subject, have to study the books from sixth class to tenth class. While studying it is better to note down the important points in the form of bits.
  • Mathematics: NCERT books from third class to eighth class are to be studied for appearing to TET maths paper. Objective preparation is needed and for grip on the content, the candidates have to concentrate on commercial mathematics. Non-maths candidates have to allot a lot of time for practice. Telugu academy books and objective material are suggested books for preparation of Mathematics for TET.
  • English: Having a grip on basic grammar is important for scoring good marks in English. Teaching methods, teacher learning material, recent trends shall be kept in mind while preparing for the Teachers Eligibility test.


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