Tips to make easy of ENGINEERING GRAPHICS

The Engineering graphics will be called as engineering drawings. This is a technical drawing. This is a complete new subject for all the students. Hence it should be learned by each student from the basics. The issues related for a particular product design, scale,   have to be known and get complete understanding by the students of Engineering Graphics. The motive of the subject is to provide complete information of the product to the concerned manufactures.

Nowa–days in engineering drawing the Computer part has s became very important and playing key role.  Computer models are preparing with the 3 dimensional drawings. Engineering graphics related “Visualization” is useful for practice of engineering mechanics.

The special 3D printers can print the drawings in 3 dimensions. With engineering drawings the shape of the object, top view , front view, side view can be seen. Whether the object is having the approval standard units or not can also be find out. Further how far changes can be brought in every dimension and what kind of material is required to be used can be guessed by the students

The engineering drawings will give good picture and understanding. For attending the drawing classes, Drawing sheet, drafter, led pencil, eraser is common to carry with the student. Drawing dimensions, units, measurements related issues are to get understand by the student. In future this subject is more useful for engineering drawings, Computer aided Design (CAD) is also necessary to learn by the students to build their career. The engineering drawings will give foundation to them.


  • Regular attendance for the classes
  • The Engineering Mechanics, Engineering, graphics classes  have to be  followed with  interest
  • The daily class lessons have to be studied on the same day, if any doubts are found   the same should be cleared on the same day only.
  • One basic text book has to be chosen by the student and the same should be revised by him 3 or 4 times daily.
  • The engineering graphics related objects should be visualized by the students   and they have to develop good understanding on these graphics.
  • Three dimensions are to be visualized by the student in two dimensions.
  • If the students do more practice on the Engineering Mechanics and Graphics   subjects, automatically the students will gain very good grip on these subjects.


Generally the engineering drawings  will cover the Principles of Engineering Graphics and its significance, on the issues of  plane Geometric drawing, Drawing of projections, projections of solids , development and interpretation of solids, Isometric projections, transformation of projections and perspective projections.

On these following issues more concentration and practice  is required i.e., on Principles of Orthographic projections, first and third angle projections, the projection of solids, prism, cylinder, pyramid, Cone shapes have to be practiced more.

In the Isometric Projections, Isometric per-view , Isometric per-view of lines, plane figures, simple and compound solids Isometric projection of spherical parts etc are available.

Transformation of projections, conversion of Isometric per-view to Orthographic per view– conventional special attention is required. Daily one or two hours practice is required to develop interest on these subjects. If the basic principles have been understand, by the students the engineering drawing is not hard one.


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